The new version of Nachomen is adopting the "play to earn" model. Play to earn is a new intriguing model where players can not only control in-game assets but also trade and sell them, allowing the possibility of earning a living by playing the game.

NACHO token

The NACHO token is obtained by doing battles with your wrestlers inside the Nachomen game.
NACHO can also be used to participate in tournaments.

Later, it will be also possible to stake the NACHO token in order to participate in liquidity pools and receive NFTs as prizes.

Total supply: ??? NACHO

NFT token

The Nachomen NFT token represents the wrestlers and in-game items.
The wrestlers come in different rarities, each one having a different supply, with the uncommon and common rarities having infinite supply.
The items are optional to play, and due to that they will be available with limited supply.

Legendary Wrestler supply: ???

Epic Wrestler supply: ???

Rare Wrestler supply: ???

Item supply: ???